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craptastic day beginning October 15, 2009

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I HATE the dentist. No really, can’t stand it. I’d rather have my feet in the stirrups and suffer the “little pinch” of the pap smear daily as to go to the dentist.
It’s not the pain of the needle, or even the pain in general, it’s the fucking drill. It brings tears to my eyes and trows me into an uncharacteristic panic attack causing me to stop breathing, then be thrown into a fit of hyperventilation. My dentist, bless his little heart, knows this and dreads it more than I do, or so the sadist says. He use to prescribe me Valium, but due to some weird federal law, is unable to any longer because he don’t have an anesthesiologist on staff. You have no idea how bad this fucks my world up.
I feel like an idiot going to a GP asking for V so I can go to the dentist. They look at me like I’m a druggie.
He advised me to self medicate and not tell him about it. So that’s what I do. Can’t tell what though, that’s just TMI.

Have a wonderful, glorious day.  I’m off to self medicate! 🙂


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