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Monday Mind Dump November 2, 2009

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Here’s just a few of the fleeting thoughts going through my head on this beautiful sunny Monday in the South….


I called my Dr. on lunch wanting something to get me over my hump.  She doesn’t prescribe valium or xanex or anything like that, and instead has prescibed me zoloft.  I’ve mixed feelings about this.  While i don’t want anything long term screwing with my head, I just want something that will get me through the bad days; I also understand the long term problems that come with a quick fix like valium or xanex.  I just hope I don’t gain weight.


I haven’t done a DAMN thing today at work, seriously.  I’m so caught up in my worries that i can’t concentrate on a damn thing.


My mother mentioned Thanksgiving Dinner…. even family events make me a nervous wreck.  And we all get a long just fine.  I just don’t like to talk to them.


I have sex with my vibrator more than I do my boyfriend.  we’ve been together less than a year. While I like sex, I find that every time we do, i stress out until i start again.


I wish i didn’t have so much running through my head so I could actually enjoy myself and see the humor in everyday life.  It’s the little things and I can’t get past the big things to see them.  All I really want to do is laugh.


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